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Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination.

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Audrey Bading M is a singer from Gabon.  She is also a songwriter, producer, dancer, and poet who is passionate about the arts. She attended high school in her hometown Lambaréné.
While in high school, Audrey closely worked with various local artists. In April 2014, she released her first EP ‘Believe in Yourself’, which received airplay in Central Africa and Europe. Her first music video ‘Stop Pretending’, off ‘Believe in Yourself’, was well received

This was followed by another video titled ‘Carte de visite’ in (June 2016) and ‘If I Had a Chance’ (May 2018). In April 2019, she released a single titled ‘Ni wu Rondi’.
Audrey was nominated at the 2016 Kora Music Awards in the Best Female Artist Hope of Africa category. Apart from music, Audrey is a humanitarian who is constantly helping disadvantaged communities by providing moral, material, spiritual, and educational support. On the 3rd of August (2020), Audrey just released her new maxi-single ‘Wake up’ of 3 songs. Available on all the online misdistribution platforms such as Itunes, Apples Music, Spotify, Boomplay, Tidal, Google Play, Playafrica, Amazon, Zayon for streaming and download. Stay tuned to hear more about Audrey’s activities.

@AudreyBading Artist, songwriter, Producer, Actor, Moderator, Entertainer, Conference Producer; Entrepreneur & a Humanitarian! I love what i do and i do it with love!

As an artist, singer songwriter, I work hard to write songs that speak both to me and to my audience, about the beauty of music showered with a blend of African cultures.

My inspiration has no limits and no boundaries. My art embraces the African popular music everyone can enjoy at the comfort of his or her own zones. I never wanted to be put in a box, I therefore let myself go between melodies, colours and the ambiance my music creates around me, which I want to share with the public. Through my music am trying to speak to every broken soul by breathing hope, love, positive ideas and motivation.

I often let my emotions connect with my music and use the words to share my passion; every song is for me a story to tell. My audience is free to interpret what the song means to them and understand that there is no write and wrong answer to that.  As for me, I really feel the sense of freedom every time I interpret one of my songs and the feeling of being that storyteller everyone is listening to is a great experience not be exchanged!

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If I had a chance to say goodbye
If I had the chance to be with you wherever you are
If I was aware before you fly

carte de visite

Tout a commencé au bord d’une voiture stationnée
Le regard plongé sur son téléphone connecté
quelques mots échangés, et là tout a débuté


Ni wu rondi heee
In all my africain languages
Ni wu rondi, mi ntonda wè mbiye mô mbife, Nakupenda in all my African languages

Stop Pretending

Once upon a time you flew so high
The sky above your head was under you height
Your life so high, you were looking down you

What People Say About Me

Happiness is in the meadow; you have to desire it, want it and embrace it. Happiness is an essential element for our mental balance; Happiness is cultivated every day!”

Audrey Bading M


I am really happy to work with ABM. As a client, she's clear in what she wants us to do, and it makes things easier for both of us... She makes sure that she respects her side of the contract, and she is someone you can trust
Jacob Nkulu
My name is John Eduardo from Angola. I'm a music producer, a composer and sound engineer based in Capetown. Working with ABM has been an incredible experience as we had to go through the full production of the project to make sure that we come up with the sound she was looking at having on the project. She's is a very good person with a very good personality who works hard to make her music sound perfect. She's a very flexible and talented artist I have worked with.
John Eduardo
Music produceR
She amazing , every conversation with Audrey is A gift , she's flexible , efficient , limpid and creative. Its a privilege to work on your projects.
Timey Mayo Hope
Web Designer

The Value of

Always Believing in Yourself

“Starts by acknowledging that you are unique, you are the true representation of yourself on earth; as fragile as we are, we are all gifted to do something. Practice what you know, aim for excellence, and believe in your ability to transform dough into a cake”


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